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Do you live or work in Silver Spring?
Select the mural site for which you would like to be considered. If your are interested in more than one location, please submit one application per mural site.
Please select the theme(s) present in your design.

Please upload 1-3 samples to illustrate your design. They may show either a basic rendering of your proposed design or an example of past work that would be similar enough for a jury to consider based on themes, style, and subject matter. 

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

Dollar amount only. This is for time spent designing and painting  mural.

Dollar amount only. Include all supply costs: paint, brushes, equipment, etc.

Please list and describe other costs outside of your artist fees and supply costs.

With my electronic signature, I :

  • Agree to be contacted by The Blairs District and all project partners fir the purpose of discussing my proposal by phone, text, and email.

  • Understand that all designs  remain my intellectual property throughout the proposal process until a contract is signed between myself and a project partner

  • Hereby hold The Blairs District and The Tower Companies, including all board members, officers, employees, project partners and all other affiliated organizations, harmless from any damages or liability that may arise as a result of my participation in the Blairs Mural Festival for any reason and without limitation.

Electronic Signature

Success! Thank you for applying to the Blairs Mural Festival

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